Selling policy


  1. Prices, availability and descriptions of the products are subject to change without prior notice.


  1. User registration is needed in order to make a purchase.


  1. The prices displayed at the online shop include the VAT.


  1. The prices displayed at the online shop do not include transport costs, which will be charged, if necessary, at the moment of ordering the product. Transport costs will vary according to the place of delivery and will be displayed in the online order.


  1. Any product(s) delivered will always come with the corresponding bill.


  1. Prices are displayed in euros and dollars. They will be readjusted daily according to currency values.


  1. Sale prices will only be good during the period of validity of the sale and/or while supplies last.


  1. Customised products (different from the standard ones) might have a delivery time longer than the usual.


  1. In order to make effective the delivery of the product(s) it is indispensable to previously have finished the purchasing process.